How do you get your business back up, Quickly, when your equipment is down?

Reputation is everything, and onsite repairs are where it all began for Plotter Doctors, with our "Uncompromising vision" to service and support. We know that if your plotter stops working and your in the middle of a job with a deadline, you need service you can trust and you need it as soon as possible. With our dispatched trucks and authorized, certified technicians we offer same day to next day service, along with loaner machines and rental units, or we can run your job in our own "In House Print Shop".

Call us or contact us now if we can help you get back up and running.

Also, let us know if you need printing done while your equipment is being serviced. We can print your documents and images on the latest technology right in our office, and get them done fast.

Our service doesn't require you to have a pre-existing service contract or maintenance agreement to get service. Our On-Site calls are hourly based rates and receive the same priority as our contract customers.

In need of service? Call us now at (602) 272-4647!

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